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Welcome to The Animal Welfare Awards (AWA)

Corporations Committed to Contributing to Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Awards (AWA) are given to corporations every year in recognition of their contribution to advancing the welfare of animals in Japan where the awareness of animal welfare issues for livestock animals and marine animals lacks compared to the world.  

The Animal Right Center, whose mission is to protect livestock animals, selected numerous corporations based on the impact made by their recent actions.

*2019~2020 March




Aeon Co., Ltd started sale of their own brand of cage-free eggs in 2020.They’ve announced their plan to increase the number of stores that will sell these eggs. All of their stores should be selling the eggs by 2022.

Awards were given for commitment to their measurements to improve animal welfare with a concrete plan and timeline.



In 2019, Lush Japan chose to go egg free by removing their products that contained ingredients that came from cage free eggs.

The company had been using eggs from cage free laying hens, but they took it to the next level.
We awarded them for their decision to reduce animal sufferings further.


Sadamitsu Shokuryo Kogyo K.K.

As far as we are aware, they were the first company to introduce a method of gas killing at their slaughterhouse.
The world is transitioning to this method as the technique is considered one of the gentlest ways.

We awarded them for their foresight and willingness to share their knowledge with us.



Horizon Farms, Inc.

Horizon Farms is the first company in Japan that went gestation crate free in 2020. They carefully considered this option for months and finally announced this decision to the public.

We awarded them for the manifest that cares about the future of animals and our society.



In 2019, IKEA released plant based hot dogs. This vegan dog called “Veggie Dog” is available for ¥100, and also served at COP24 .

The product clearly minimizes the agony of pigs and is very affordable for consumers.We awarded them for the shift to plant-based products while committing to the improvement of animal treatment.

We also thank many other companies’ activities

While we are unable to mention all the companies here, there are many companies who take this new trend as a positive change, and are starting to shift and commit to improving animal welfare.

Some companies are also willing to speak with civic groups.

We sincerely appreciate those who have acted to improve the situations for animals by sharing the common goal, that is to make the world a better place.

We’re looking forward to more kind actions this year.
We also hope to give awards to companies who care for cows and fish next year.

We thank you again for those awarded companies.

Translated by Seika K